Programmer is one of the highest paid, TOP professions in the World

“A programmer is one of the highest paid, TOP professions in the World” On November 18, I had a Meeting with students of the Technical College of the city of Khujand, where I shared my personal experience from my life and career history in programming: “As we know, the profession of a programmer is one of the most popular »Professions in the labor market. For example, companies that promote their products or services on the Internet, which have already realized themselves in the online business market, often hire freelance programmers or invite them to work (create a job). Due to the fact that there are very few programmers in the world labor market, their salaries are high. But the job of a programmer is not easy either. When he writes code, completing tasks, his head, eyes, and hands are working hard. According to international statistics, in developed countries, the salary of a programmer ranges from $ 1,500 to $ 10,000 per month. In Tajikistan, the starting salary of a programmer is $ 250, ending up to $ 1,500 per month. I want to emphasize that at the moment there are 3 most popular professions: Doctor, Programmer and Delivery Man. Yes, it seems ridiculous to you. Why a delivery man? But the answer is obvious, that we were overtaken by a black darkness called “Covid-19 ″ – Corona Virus, Pandemic. Due to the pandemic, many companies have started to operate remotely, ranging from restaurants, pharmacies, to grocery stores. These companies work closely with dealers and delivery companies to get their products, merchandise or documents of any kind to their destination. ”
And also I told the guys about how we are an IT company DOODLE.TJ We will train programmers and freelancers in Web development, developers of Mobile applications and testers. More than 200 students of different ages studied at our school of programming, many of whom work in banks, large enterprises and private companies, work in our country and abroad. This was one of my stories with which I shared with students of the Technological College of the city of Khujand …
You can send an application for Web Programming Courses by clicking on the link: http://courses.doodle.tj/

We would like to share a little about how the programming profession is developing nowadays all over the world, including Tajikistan, and where can you learn programming in Khujand? ..

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