IT conference Business Park GuliStan 2019
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Each company has its own business meetings, trips, events … recently we also had a small but very important event for the benefit of our company!
Our esteemed CEO Firdavs Yormatov was invited to a business trip to the United States of America for development and cooperation with international companies.

One of such business meetings was the meeting of our head Firdavs Yormatov with a wonderful person, the founder of the CYBERTEK company, Kuzzat Altay. You can talk about this person for hours, but it is worth noting that, despite such a position, he remains a simple and modest person who is happy with guests and who is happy to share his professional experience.

“CYBERTEK” is a company located in the eastern part of the United States, and which is one of the leaders in the field of IT Technologies, that is, this company is engaged in training specialists in the field of high-level programming languages.

Tajsoft – I was sincerely glad to meet the founder of “CYBERTEK” company Kuzzat Altay.

We are very grateful for such a warm welcome and look forward to further cooperation with such wonderful people and professionals in their field!