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Why React?

React.js is an efficient and flexible open-source JavaScript library that allows creating simple but fast and scalable frontends of web applications. It was built by one of the Facebook employees and is currently maintained by the company. The key objective of React.js web application development is to minimize required effort and coding and to create engaging and high-performance User Interface.

1.It Allows Reusing Components

React.js allows developers to reuse the components that they developed previously for other applications. Each component is isolated: they have their own logic and control their own rendering. So if one component changes, it doesn’t affect the others. It saves development efforts and time, which allows finishing projects much faster, as well as promotes consistency across the brand.

2.It Offers Better Syntax

Developing a dynamic web app with clumsy HTML is a tough task that requires complex coding. React.js solves this issue by making use of JSX syntax that allows adding bits of HTML to JS. Hence, you can create a much simpler and cleaner code. JSX also has some side benefits, like helping to prevent code injections.

3.It Enhances Performance

React.js allows using the virtual Document Object Model (DOM) and hosting it in memory. Whenever the actual DOM changes, the virtual one also updates. As a result, apps demonstrate faster and smoother performance, leading to better user experience.

4.It is SEO-friendly

React.js resolves a common issue that occurs when a search engine fails to read JavaScript high-volume apps. The framework can be run on the server, and when the virtual DOM is rendered and returned to your browser, it looks like a regular webpage.

Popular Websites That Use React.js

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