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The 1C company is one of the main developers of the business area in Russia. At the moment, the company has about 200 subsidiaries, more than 1000 professionals and huge popularity due to the high quality of the product.

Firm 1C

The 1C: Enterprise software system is designed to automate management and accounting at enterprises of various industries, types of activities and types of financing, and includes solutions for the integrated automation of manufacturing, trade and service enterprises, products for managing the finances of holdings and individual enterprises, accounting accounting ("1C: Accounting" is the most famous accounting program in a number of countries), payroll and personnel management, for accounting in budgetary institutions, a variety of industry and specialized solutions developed by 1C itself, its partners and independent organizations.

Implementation and maintenance of programs for automation and accounting

The most important process that determines the entire further life of the program at your enterprise and the further effect of automation as a whole is implementation. Correct implementation of the software product guarantees the best result for your business, it will allow you to avoid the costs associated with eliminating the consequences of "spontaneous automation", when the use of the program is more harm than good.